Historical Diamond prices vs. Gold

ADAMAS® is more than a crypto token.

ADAMAS® is a trustworthy and accessible diamond investment. Our crypto token built on Ethereum blockchain brings greater transparency, sustainability and innovation to the one-stop diamond acquisition. We resolved financial and cryptographic issues in the diamond market, safely and transparently assessing their value.


We use only high-quality investment diamonds as a safe, stable and profitable investment asset.

  • 100% asset backed and audited, absolutely transparent infrastructure
  • Diamond market has a low or negative correlations with global equities
  • Resilience to the collapse of the crypto-currency market
  • 100% redeemable at any time
  • A one-stop diamond acquisition including assessment, inspection, negotiation, certification, valuation, transportation, storage, insurance, tax implication, exhibition of a diamond
  • Swiss made and based digital product: quality, political neutrality, convenient infrastructures for crypto currencies, optimal regulations, international trust and reputation

Diamond quality behind ADAMAS® Formula

1 ADAMAS = 1 Ct* / 1’000  ≈ 19.60 USD

*1 Ct ≈ 19’600 USD (Rapaport price, 6/03/2021)

* we use only the highest quality investment diamonds:

  • Carats: 1 ct (1.00 ct – 1.49 ct)
  • Shape: Round
  • Clarity: IF (Internal Flawless)
  • Color: D (River+)
  • Cut: Ex (Excellent)
  • Polish: Ex (Excellent)
  • Symmetry: Ex (Excellent)
  • Fluorescence: None

All our diamonds are GIA certificated and have a laser encryption and security seal. Our warehouse meets the highest security standards and is located in Switzerland.


ADAUADAMAS Utility Token (already available)


ERC-20 Utility Token


Mainly for the pre-sale period. The first 20 investors will save their membership in the ADAMAS-VIP Investor Club for storing and trading the ADAU within the Club.

Number of tokens for sale


Smart Contract

Etherscan >>

Priority opening will start in
  • 00 Days
  • 00 Hours
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Mai 2018

Start concept of ADAMAS

June 2019

Networking and pre-sale round 1.

Oktober 2019

Legal Proof of Concept

December 2019

Start with Utility Token (ADAU) development

June 2020

ADAU FINMA non-action request

March 2020

Establishing cooperation for the development of a Commodity Token

June 2021

Start working on Commodity Token

February 2022

Roadshow and Marketing Campaigns

June 2022

Secondary Market Development

Powered by a Team TEAM

The ADAMAS Team combines a proven expertise in finance, development, marketing & low.

Antonino Alibrando
Graduate Diamond Expert
Urs Barandun
Business Development
Pavel Hasanov
Head of Technology
Fabrizio Plozner
Legal Specialist


Prof. Dr. Marcel Waldvogel
IT Security Advisor
Nicola Moresi
Blockchain & Cloud Computing Expert
Jonas Jenis
Corporate Finance Advisor



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Frequently asked questions FAQS

Below we provide questions and answers on topics like Investment diamonds, blockchain and crypto. If you have any other questions, please get in touch with us using the contact form below. We’re glad to continuously update our FAQs.

Diamonds are safe, stable and profitable investment asset. Traders purchase diamonds either to maximize yields by generating above-market returns due to price appreciation.

Everyone can participate and join the community and taking advantage by buying investment diamonds backed by ADAU Utility Token. To invest in ADAU, please contact us and request an account on the Distributed Ledger, a blockchain.

We provide exposure to the price movement of strategic, precious

Besides being known as the hardest substances on Earth, diamonds are also believed to be some of the rarest gemstones in the world.

Yes. A diamond investment has a medium to long-term duration. 8-12 years.

Yes, definitely. Whenever you are shopping for diamonds, one of the first things you should ask your vendor is whether the diamond comes with a certificate. A highly recognized certificate is also useful if you plan to sell your diamond anytime in the future. Ideally, the grading certificate should be issued by a renowned institute like Gemological Institute of America (GIA). If you come across diamonds with grading certificates from other labs beware. The accuracy of the diamond’s qualities would be way off and the information listed wouldn’t be reliable.

is a standard Utility Token (ERC-20) created on Ethereum blockchain and 100% backed by investment diamonds of 1.00-1.49 carats (D, IF, triple EX, H&A, brilliant Cut, none fluorescence).

The digitization of ADAU takes the form of some year renewable Asset Digitization Service Agreement (ADSA) that allows for continued digitization of ADAU and market liquidity.

We want anyone being able to buy investment diamonds In order for the participants to take the benefit of the value growth of the investment diamond. We also allow others the opportunity joining the community utilizing Smart Contracts and Distributed Ledger technology to bring ADAU to the market.

Yes, all ADAU are fungible.

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